5 Greatest Financial Tips for Young Adults


It’s no secret to my faithful followers that I have a senior in high school.  Now could not be a better time for me to gain financial knowledge, develop investing skills, and understand credit education.  I’m anxious to learn and share that information and the practices I’ve implemented to improve my financial situation with not […]

Avoid Financial Regret


Today’s post is a guest post from Michael.  Micheal blogs at Super Millennial. Regret..it’s an awful feeling to have in your life.  I’m not quite 30.  I’m lucky to not have much regret, however this Business Insider article got me thinking of how much financial regret some people will have in their life. The article […]

Debt Free Journey: Year 1


If you are new here, WELCOME.  If you’ve been here before Welcome back and thank you for returning! August 27, 2016 will make an entire year on my debt free journey and the birth of Goaldiggingtohappiness.com.  Here is my very first blog post!  I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking about what has changed […]

How to Accelerate the Debt repayment process Pt 2: Cutting the Spending


Tuesday I blogged about my Accelerated Debt Repayment Process. Since then I’ve been analyzing my spending habits and my budget’s highs and lows, adding and subtracting to come up with a FAIL proof plan to ensure success on my accelerated debt payment process. We all know that, or should know by now, or will know by […]

2016 Ready! 2015 Outcome


Hello! I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas and got everything that you hoped for.  My Christmas was great and I’m so excited that it is over and 2016 and a day away.  I’ve got plenty of catching up to do so lets jump right to it. My vacation began Sunday December 20, 2015.  I […]


How to eat healthy on a budget!

How I meal plan on a budget-2
 As seen in my 4 Things I’m doing to save money in September, I carried over my goal of continuing to eat breakfast and lunch from home.  This week I made a series of salads for lunch and drunk smoothies for breakfast (I still stopped for breakfast at Bojangles on Tuesday, Thursday and Today, holds head in shame.)