5 Greatest Financial Tips for Young Adults


It’s no secret to my faithful followers that I have a senior in high school.  Now could not be a better time for me to gain financial knowledge, develop investing skills, and understand credit education.  I’m anxious to learn and share that information and the practices I’ve implemented to improve my financial situation with not […]

5 Money Habits to Avoid in a Mate!


Choosing a mate these days has become so effortless.  This “microwave society” that provides just about everything instantly is partial to blame.  With online dating sites and social media DM’s, it hard to know exactly who the person you’re talking to really is.  Whether you’ve met your mate in person, or via the internet there […]

10 Helpful Tips for Parents with Side Hustles


In my thirty three years of life, I’ve already worked half of it, beginning at 15 and most of that time, I’ve had more than one job or more than one stream of income.  I’ve also been a parent since 17 so, in my opinion the dual responsibilities  have gone hand in hand for so […]

How to Avoid Wasting Grocery Items


Feeding a family of seven on a $300.00 budget requires, in my opinion, some skill, planning, and determination.  Although, I set a $300.00 budget for groceries even before I committed to a journey towards financial freedom, and have been successful at maintaining that budget I continue to look for ways to improve.  Sometimes those improvements […]

Mommy and Money Issues: Series 1


Right now valued readers of GDTH, I’m struggling internally. Here is why.  My Big Girl (BG) just got a job!  I still tear up when I think about the fact that she can work now.  Literally, she was hired on January 8, 2016.  She worked Wednesday 1/13, Saturday 1/16, Sunday 1/17, and was supposed to […]

Life’s Lemons: How I’m making lemonade.


I recently posted my 2016 goals and the mini monthly goals to accomplish them. To refer back to them click here.  More specifically, my goal was to fully finance out-of-pocket our home  renovation of finishing the upstairs to add an additional bedroom and full bathroom to total but not exceed $10k.  The monthly mini goal(s) to […]