My First Snowball payment

I’ve made my first and last snowball payment on my Target credit.  Now I’m debt free!  Well technically, $500.00 free of debt.  I have officially paid off my Target card!!!! This is only a small accomplishment, however it’s accomplished.  What I’m more excited about is the fact that I now have $75.00 ($36.10 + the minimum payment on the next card) to roll over into my next snowball payment on another credit card payment! 

I posted my credit card balances here. At that time I only owed $36.10.  I worked this weekend and earned $100 in tips.  I immediately left work and scheduled the payment to be debited out of my account for today (because I had already cut the card).

Although it is only a small snowball payment (more like a snowflake payment) portion of my debt, the fact I have accomplished it makes my goal of becoming debt free more and more realistic!  I’m anxious to continue to see just how big my snowball payment increases to!

What did you accomplish this pass week or weekend? What is/was your first snowball amount?