How I save $1000/year and lots of time
Even before I decided I would be retiring in 12 years from 2016, I had began researching ways to save money to be able to enjoy life!  After tons of research, from reading blogs and polling people, I joined the “cable cutting” bandwagon.
My cable bundle which included, a cable premium package, telephone, “high speed” internet, and home security ran me about $197.52/month which would include a late fee charge most times every month!  I know ridiculous isn’t it?

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Why I started Blogging!

Recently I had an aunt to pass away.  She was one month shy of her 53rd birthday and 2 years short of retirement.  She worked 27 years at our local hospital as an Emergency room nurse.  While attending her wake, the above information was mentioned and made me think that she worked most of her life and was unable to enjoy the “fruits of her labor”

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