How Parents Can Afford College without Debt


I’ve started accepting guest post every first and third Wednesday of the month!  Today’s featured blogger is  Amy Nickson.  You may have seen her work on several other blogs! How parent can fund your child’s education without incurring debt? The sad reality is that many parents put their dreams on hold to save money for their child’s […]

Avoid Financial Regret


Today’s post is a guest post from Michael.  Micheal blogs at Super Millennial.’s an awful feeling to have in your life.  I’m not quite 30.  I’m lucky to not have much regret, however this Business Insider article got me thinking of how much financial regret some people will have in their life. The article […]

August Side Hustle Income


  Hello! I’ve decided to return to sharing Side Hustle Income reports as a means to motivate others on their Financial Freedom Journey! New Visitors! I do Side Hustle Income reports to show exactly how much money is earned from side hustling.  I continue to work a full time job and that income is not […]

3 Incredible Ways I’ve Made Money from Home!


In a world where money talks, my personal finances are always under scrutiny. Things cost a lot of cash these days, and I need to be able to afford it. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen short often which resulted in me being in serious debt.  In attempts to get out of debt, make more money or both, […]

Life Is A B!*CH!


Hello! Are there any GDTH followers still visiting to see what is going on with me.  Well I’ve just been flying high, enjoying life much less in debt!   I’ve felt free as a bird just flying enjoying life.  I’ve been to the beach, I’ve visited NY, I’ve enjoyed eating at a restaurant recently, I’ve purchased […]

All sorts of Updates!


It’s been nearly a month since I last posted anything.  Life happened and GDTH took the biggest hit.  Please don’t take it personal, although I’d understand if you did.  It wasn’t just GDTH, I stopped being active on just about ALL social media, and I got kicked out of an accountability group for poor attendance.  Let […]