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My Blogging Journey: The Personal Side appeared
My Blogging Journey: The Personal Side appeared first on Goal Digging to Happiness!

I did a previous post on My Blogging Journey, the first six months.  In that post I addressed more of the business part of GDTH.  I discussed the difference that purchasing a domain name and switching to Blue Host made in increasing my page views per day.  I also reviewed my online income that I’ve made the last two months.  Jaime, a valued reader, commented and made me realize that, that post may have made it appear that this first six months have been great.  Overall they have been, but I have had many challenges and there have been times that I wanted to quit GDTH as well as the journey to financial freedom.


Initially starting GDTH, my motivation was fueled the by enormous debt amounts I had and then the determination to become debt free.   Reading other bloggers journeys towards financial freedom debt elimination success continued to motivate as well.  Then one day I came across Online Income Reports!  After reading the income potential from bloggers in personal finance, I went into overdrive and immediately tried to step my game up, build a bigger audience, present better content, and build relationships.

My motivation would come on strong, as I read and read and read other blogs and attempted to incorporate what I liked into GDTH.  Then I became obsessed with my progress, my page views, and Google analytics and adsense.  I downplayed that obsession here.  After about a month stand still with page views and adsense and no leads for guest posting or freelance writing, that motivation diminished and the efforts where redirected solely to becoming debt free.

The motivation to grow GDTH and earn a semi passive income from blogging comes and goes but the motivation to continue to share my journey is more consistent.



My feelings about blogging are mixed.  What I love about blogging is the feeling that my journey helps other’s in similar situations and ability to create content that others actually want to read!  However, blogging can take a toll on you.  You put forth so much effort working at night or earlier in the morning (or both) and sometimes the reward is not instant.  Sometimes I feel tired of blogging and the rat race of going to work, paying bills and repeat and feel that my journey is not different than any other person doing the same.  Then sometimes I feel successful because I’ve gotten 70 more page views that last week, or I’ve been introduced to another freelance opportunity.

Blogging community

Then there are the feelings from the personal finance community.  This community that tells you to “get out of debt, become a minimalist, clip coupons, stop spending except for on my book that will tell you everything else you need to know!”  Now I’m not at all knocking anyone’s hustle and I definitely understand that time is money, but with some bloggers I feel that any information  or help has a price tag.  Again, I understand that, but it most likely would not be the path that I take.   But then there are some wonderful bloggers that will help anyway they can and pass along helpful information because of the compassion of once “being in my shoes.”  Overall, I have developed some great relationships and feel that I have a lot to learn from all of them.  I’m excited about my future with them a part of it.


I have a love/hate relationship with pitching.  I often beat myself up because of the lack of responses I get back.  I have to remind myself that it’s not personal even if I’ve pitched to a blogger I’ve followed for about three years, commented on every post and shared the content several times.  Pitching makes me feel inadequate so I attempt to avoid it like the plague although, its necessary if I continue to work towards meeting my goal of earning $1000 per month by December 2016.

Overall blogging, like anything else, takes dedication, a successful mindset, and hard work.  Initially, you seek advice and help and you ask questions and get answers that are so obvious, you think that the person doesn’t want to help, but truthfully they have.  I asked so many people how do I become successful blogging and the answer has always been keep blogging and do not focus on the money.  In hindest, I’d agree.  Also determine what your definition of a “successful blog” is.  Focus on improvement and growth and less on the money and I’m sure the opportunities will come!

My Blogging Journey Six Month Give Away


The give away!

If you’ve made it this far then bless you!  I’m hosting a give away to celebrate my 6 month blogging journey and it’s progress thus far! In celebration, I’m giving away four $15.00 gift cards to Target! To be entered all you have to do is:

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