I’m bringing another DIY!  You can my May DIY here.  I’ve taken on a new interest in creating great spaces in my home as well as updating my home on a budget of course.  To stay within that budget, I’ve taken a liking to DIY’ing and have had some great results in doing so, in my own opinion.

Doing it myself is not something that comes naturally, however being creative is.  The patience and time it can take to complete one task can become a little overwhelming especially in a time where most everything is instant.  I began my DIY’ing with small task, in baby steps, beginning with one project/room at a time.  This helps to stay within my budget as well as evaluate my next steps and avoid the overwhelming feelings and cost that can come from taking on huge projects.


For June’s DIY, I reupholstered a chair to create a reading/sitting space in my bedroom.  Creating a reading space in my bedroom was part of the bigger picture project of updating my bedroom which I’ll discuss in a later post.


I purchased this chair from the Habitat for Humanity Store for $15.00! In selecting this chair, I looked for a chair that was fairly simple to disassemble, made of real wood (easy for staining), had a good cushioning (replacing cushion can be costly) and was cumfortable. This chair met all those requirements!


I then disassembled the chair. To disassemble I simply unscrewed all the screws under the seat and the seat came right out.  As for the head/back rest, I had to pop out the wood circular fillers and then unscrew.

Once taken apart, I sanded the chair to get the brown wood stain off.  If I was going to paint the chair, sanding wouldn’t have been necessary but I wanted an Ebony stain to match our bedroom furniture.

Following the sanding, I stained the chair with two coats of Ebony stain which cost about $10.00 for the brush and stain.

While I allowed the stain to dry overnight, I selected the pattern for the reupholster and reupholstered the seat and back rest.  The fabric for the reupholster was purchased from Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon which made 1 yard plus $8.37.  In addition I purchased some fabric flowers for $7.99.


Once the stain dried, I put the chair back together and placed the chair beside my window because I love natural lighting, and wanted to create a good working, reading, sitting space in my room.


In addition to the chair, I added a side table I had gotten from Habitat for Humanity about 3 years ago that was sitting in my attic.  I originally purchased the side table for $10.00 which is faux wood panelling and had a dated wood stain.  I spray painted the table black.  I also added a $.49 basket and $.99 glass vase from the Salvation Army.  The mirror was laying around the house so I added it behind the table to make the room appear larger.

I’ve loved the space since creating it!  I’ve sat in this space while blogging and also sit in this space and have my morning coffee.  Collectively, this space cost me less than $50.00! My master bedroom upgrade is now totaling less than $70.00 which include the fan from May’s DIY!

Have my DIY’s been helpful?  Would you like to see videos?  Do you have a DIY or would like to begin DIY project, if so please share?