5 Greatest Financial Tips for Young Adults


It’s no secret to my faithful followers that I have a senior in high school.  Now could not be a better time for me to gain financial knowledge, develop investing skills, and understand credit education.  I’m anxious to learn and share that information and the practices I’ve implemented to improve my financial situation with not […]

Debt Free Journey: Year 1


If you are new here, WELCOME.  If you’ve been here before Welcome back and thank you for returning! August 27, 2016 will make an entire year on my debt free journey and the birth of Goaldiggingtohappiness.com.  Here is my very first blog post!  I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking about what has changed […]

2016 Goal Review and Debt Update


Hello! First I’d like to apologize for the inconsistency here at GDTH.  Due to unfortunate circumstances at work, I’ve been extremely busy, like earning 75 hours a week busy, which has made it extremely hard to find time, energy, and motivation to write.  I understand that constancy is important for blog success and I’m working […]

TICO: My Intelligent Agent!


I do a lot of research, specifically related to personal finance and wealth building, obviously. I’m always looking for helpful information, tips, books, and podcasts related to money. However, I never considered to research personal finance applications (apps) that could be as helpful and beneficial while on my journey. I was recently introduced to Tico Credit […]

My First Snowball payment


I’ve made my first and last snowball payment on my Target credit.  Now I’m debt free!  Well technically, $500.00 free of debt.  I have officially paid off my Target card!!!! This is only a small accomplishment, however it’s accomplished.  What I’m more excited about is the fact that I now have $75.00 ($36.10 + the […]