How I Save Over $800 Doing One Thing!


I’ve been on my Debt Free Journey for over a year now.  It’s ongoing (hence the name journey).  I’m always looking for ways to trim excess spending from my budget to increase my debt snowball payments and get out of debt much sooner.  Additionally, I reflect often and run some numbers to track my progress, […]

How to Stop Spending Too Much Money NOW!


Hello! I’ve recently shared that I’ve been on my Debt Free Journey for a year now.  I plan to share exactly how much debt I’ve managed to eliminate within this year in a later post.  Now, however, I’m addressing what got me into debt and what exactly I’ve done to get out of debt. My first […]

December Goal and Budget Review


I know that it’s super late in the month to be doing a goal review but umm…better late then never right! December was a super busy month at first then I like crashed for like 7 days where I didn’t do anything but the basics.  Literally, all I did was eat, sleep, and watch tv. […]

How to Accelerate the Debt repayment process Pt 2: Cutting the Spending


Tuesday I blogged about my Accelerated Debt Repayment Process. Since then I’ve been analyzing my spending habits and my budget’s highs and lows, adding and subtracting to come up with a FAIL proof plan to ensure success on my accelerated debt payment process. We all know that, or should know by now, or will know by […]

2016 Ready! 2015 Outcome


Hello! I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas and got everything that you hoped for.  My Christmas was great and I’m so excited that it is over and 2016 and a day away.  I’ve got plenty of catching up to do so lets jump right to it. My vacation began Sunday December 20, 2015.  I […]

2015 Money Mistakes


This post should be titled 2015 Money Tragedies. I’ve made and continue to make serious money mistakes.  I’ve probably made more detrimental money tragedies in previous years, but I’m focusing on 2015 since that is when I committed to my financial freedom journey. I began my financial journey in late July early August of 2015.  Since beginning […]