Life Is A B!*CH!


Are there any GDTH followers still visiting to see what is going on with me.  Well I’ve just been flying high, enjoying life much less in debt!   I’ve felt free as a bird just flying enjoying life.  I’ve been to the beach, I’ve visited NY, I’ve enjoyed eating at a restaurant recently, I’ve purchased some spring clothing at great discounts and I’ve had at least two Saturdays a month to declutter my home and spring clean.  Lifes been great!  UNTIL NOW!!!

Before last week I was a bird flying through life dodging debri, planes, or whatever else makes birds fall out of the sky.  But today, I was smack dab knocked clear out of the sky!  Let’s discuss why.


Two Wednesdays ago, I treated my lovely school aged children to Zaxby’s for great report cards (so proud of those children and their smarts).  While eating, I turn to my 16 yo and we have this conversation…

Me:  “Are you going to the prom?”

Her:  “No, I think it’s pointless to spend all that money on a dress to wear for a few hours, when it’s my senior year that really matters.”

Me:  “True.  Are you sure because I need to know.”

Her:  “Yup”

Me: “Okay.”  I then begin to mentally distribute my pay check and decide to pay $400.00 on a credit card to have it paid by April 30, 2016!  So guess what happens on the following Saturday?  She decides she’s going to PROM!  Guess when prom is?  IT was last saturday.  We had a week to get ready!


Luckily my village of support I have, stepped in and helped out tremendously and BG should be well on her way to enjoying her junior prom.


So I received a speeding ticket back in October 2015.  I’ve continued it twice already and had planned on making the final payment to the attorney so that he could go ahead and get it over with by June.  I appear in court yesterday 4/21/2016 and my name is NOT called.  Knowing that it is too good to be true I go to the clerk and I’m informed that my actual court date was 4/20/2016!  I now have what is called a “failed to call.”  As a result, I have to dish out an ADDITIONAL $100.00 to have my attorney place my name back on the calendar, totaling $475.00 just for speeding.

I plan on taking that receipt and placing it near my dash board as a reminder of the cost of speeding and it’s affect on my debt free journey!


This past weekend, baby girl was out playing basketball with the neighborhood kids and came home with an injured middle finger.  Now, we have insurance but the fee’s added up fairly quick.  See below:

copay               $30.00

x-rays              $45.00

meds                 $15.00

specialist           $60.00

TOTAL               $150.00

As if the above incurred expenses are not enough, my big boy’s birthday was 4/22.  He’s turned 10!  He forfeited a party in exchange for a phone.  Since I knew his birthday was coming, I was prepared but these other expenses have limited the celebrations we will have!

The lesson I’ve learned from all of this, this week is to always be prepared even for the unpreparable.  In other words, having a savings that I can borrow from would be very helpful.  Even better than that, having the funds available so that I won’t touch the savings would be great and is something that is possible once my debt is GONE.

Although I’m well aware the ish happens, I’ve been so focused on eliminating debt, that I think I placed everything second, and now it’s pushing it’s way to the number one spot.  It bothers me because I have such a small balance left that I hate to have to take it into another month.

BTW.  Big Girls Prom 2016 turned out wonderful!

















Has anything similar ever happened to you?  How did you handle the burden?

P.S.  I’m the guest blogger at My Debt Epiphany!  Check me out!

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6 thoughts on “Life Is A B!*CH!”

  1. OMG how frustrating. I had a pretty bad month in April too. I always tell myself that things will look better in the morning. And telling myself this helps me get through the day and stop worrying so much.

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