Why I WON’T Freelance Full-time

Why I Freelance Full-time.

Every now and again, I get personal questions emailed to me from the valued readers of GDTH.  Usually, I’ll email the response back, as I did this time.  However, this time resulted in some back in forth commentary.  The valued reader, seemed agitated that I was not working more on my blog to eventually become a full time freelancer. The original question was:

“Instead of working as hard with two jobs and your blog, why not put more effort into the blog to freelance full-time?”

The valued reader went on to justify asking her question by mentioning the income I’ve been able to make in just 6 months of blogging and complimenting on my writing as well explaining how much she enjoys the blog.  Thanks again, BTW!

After briefly thinking about the question, I came to the simple answer, I don’t want to.  Below you’ll see why:

The Hustle

In my opinion (please keep this in mind these are MY opinions) freelancing is an even harder hustle.  The hustle of finding clients and meeting their needs is more hustle than I care for, right now.  That kind of hustle required to ensure I make the money needed is not what I’m willing to depend on at this time.

As of right now, I have one full time job, two part time jobs, and GDTH.  Some people would infect say that I hustle and may even go further to say I hustle HARD.  I agree that I hustle hard because my struggle is REAL BUT it will not always be this way.  As of right now, I could stop my side hustles whenever I wanted and still be able to survive.  I’d just be making minimum payments and would be in debt much much longer than desired.

The Unpredictable

As mentioned on other post, I’m in several Facebook groups full of freelancers.  Some freelancing full time, and other trying to get to the point of freelancing full time.  There have been several occasions where they have vented about losing “big time” clients and asking for referrals to supplement or maintain their income.  I don’t want to be in a similar situation.  At this point stability is more important than the flexibility that comes with working for myself.

The reader compared the above situation to becoming unemployed.  While I understand her argument and even agree,  I don’t feel that child protective services will never be needed or that people will stop having mental health issues, therefor I’m not as concerned that my job will ever phase out.  I could be wrong and if so, I’d consider full time freelancing then.

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The Instability

At my current job if I feel sick, I take a sick day.  If I have want a vacation, I vacate.  My money never changes.  My pay is the same whether I work all the days of the pay period or not.  If I work 4 hours one day or 8 hours, my pay is the same.  I like that!  What I don’t like is that if I decide that I’m sick one day, I may not get paid, and worse the double work that may be required if I miss a day.  I like being able to take “sick days” or “vacation days” and never worrying about losing money or my job.

Spontaneous Motivation

As an employee, I know what to do, I get it done, and I do it well, not so true to writing.   Inspiration or motivation to write comes and goes.  This month I thinks it’s just gone.  Sometimes, I just don’t want to write or I have nothing to write about.  I lose motivation to blog or complete a freelance article.  Sometimes, writing a freelance article feels like work and I don’t like that at all.  My spontaneous motivation to write definitely keeps me from the desire to freelance full time.


I’m fully aware that my doubts from above can be fully avoided and/or may not even be valid.  I’ve read blogs where bloggers have nothing bad to say about freelancing full time.  I’ve also seen the astounding monthly income that has come from freelancing which can become very motivating!  However for me, I like the comfort of knowing.  Knowing that I have work and will probably ALWAYS have work, knowing that I’m insured, knowing how much my paycheck will be and when it’s coming.  I like knowing what is always going to be expected of me and that someone other than me is contributing to my retirement.  I like that my job is super flexible, the $65.00 health insurance for my children and I and free clinic for employees so that I don’t have to schedule a doctors appointment and “lose time”.  All this works for me.

Does that mean that I won’t ever freelance, of course not!  I like freelancing.  However, if I ever got to the point that I had to choose between freelancing and my job, I’d think long and hard about the direction I would go in.

As for right now, Goal Digging to Happiness’ sole purpose is to share my journey towards financial freedom.  I hope that my journey inspires others to work themselves out of debt.  The social worker in me want to help, encourage, and motivate other.  The income potential is just an added (but appreciated) bonus.

In the future, I envision myself helping other’s develop budgets, analyzing spending habits and trends to create statistical data that could be interpreted to better understand where your money is going and why. I’d like to offer consultations and become an accountability partner to those who want to become debt free. Freelancing maybe somewhere in that mix as well.  Maybe even full time…maybe!

If you’d like to ask a personal question, shoot me an email.  Please indicate if you mind if I “shot you out” or not!

What is/was your sole purpose for your blog?  Has it changed since blogging and realizing the income potential?  Would you freelance full time?  Why or why not?

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Author: lovetteorleavette@yahoo.com

I'm a mother to five children, wife, full time worker and now blogger! I would like share my family's journey to financial freedom, life living, and eternal happiness...just one goal at a time!

12 thoughts on “Why I WON’T Freelance Full-time”

  1. Well jobs are only secure if the people running those institutions and companies are competent is the argument that freelancers have and that is true. However due to the human condition, we will always need health care, financial services, insurance, child protective services, customer service, etc.

    There are still traditional careers that are “stable” and “safe.” So if you are a pharmacist for Walgreens and tomorrow they go out of business, you can take your degree and experience and shop around for another good job in the pharmacy industry.

    Sometimes some of the freelancing blogs I go to have “confirmation bias” and they say that the future is freelancing (I do see this in certain industries) but I don’t think all traditional work is going to go freelance like ER and ER doctors. I think the media sometimes, over hypes about “the death of the 9-5.”

    Both freelancing and traditional work have their pros and cons. I think whether you prefer traditional work or freelancing or a mix, the best security is you.

    By keeping skills up to date, having a good resume, networking, continuing education if necessary, etc then you can take whatever life throws your way.

  2. I’ve been asked this a few times as well and honestly, I share the same reservations as you. Potential scenario: If I had no debt whatsoever (mortgage, car, and student loans gone), a VERY large ER fund (something like a year to 18 months), and I was making 2x’S my income with my side hustles, I may very well consider self employment. However, I love the fact my company allows me to work from home, they pay 70% of my insurance premium, and they contribute to a retirement plan, PLUS match my 401k. I mean, that’s hardly unheard of and the fact that it’s a supplemental insurance company, I pay cents on the dollar for additional life insurance that I’m positive I pay under $60ish dollars per year. There are some major perks of being employed and side hustles give us the opportunity to reach our goals much faster. At the very best, becoming free from debt would free up my income to allow for childcare. That way I would have the opportunity to go back to work in the office and pursue more prominent roles in the company. And of course, that would translate into more money! Side hustle can be attractive and give dreams of doing it on our own, but each of us have to do what ultimately serves us and our families best.

  3. As someone who freelanced for seven years (I was kind of forced into it via a layoff) I can say your fears are not unfounded. People say they want to freelance because they are miserable at their jobs or hate their boss. Let me tell you I had the WORST freelance client for years, but who gave me 99% of my income, so I felt stuck because I did struggle financially because I wasn’t killing it like other freelancers. Methinks part of that reason is because I wasn’t willing to work day and night to hustle. I need more daily balance. I don’t know why full time get bastardized as much as it does. But freelancing is not for everyone. If I ever went back, I’d have a HUUUUUUUUUGE financial cushion first.

  4. People underestimate how hard it would be to make ends meet as a freelancer. You can get some steady gigs, but a) that means churning out content on a very regular schedule and b) writing for multiple sources at the same time. Eventually, you build contacts enough to get better paying jobs, having to write less. But it’s exhausting and stressful. At least, that’s why I’d never consider freelancing for a living either. It’d take me losing my job to do it.
    Abigail @ipickuppennies recently posted…How a credit card made us spend lessMy Profile

  5. I like that you’re willing to struggle to make ends meet with your freelancing gigs, but in the long term, you would definitely make more money if you focus on your personal blog. Think about it this way, you want to build your blog up to the point when you are in a position to hire freelancers, not the other way round. You write really well, and all that quality work could be going on your own blog and helping you build your own followers.
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