December Online Income Report

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I’ve been blogging since late July 2015.  I started GDTH to chronicle my journey to financial freedom and be held accountable.  You can read more about that here.  Although my focus for GDTH is to document my journey towards financial freedom, being made aware of the possibilities and opportunities to make an extra income from blogging sparked an interest!

The income I make online is not at all comparable to the income of top, long term blogging gurus such as Michelle @ MakingSenseofCents or Carrie @ CarefulCents, or even Chonce @ MyDebtEpiphany but it’s a start. I share my income to encourage other bloggers, new and old, to work hard if making an income online is the goal.  My goal is to keep my blog, the information I share, and my experiences  authentic and relatable to others on a journey towards financial freedom or even entreprenuership.

I made $55.00 online for December!

The breakdown is below:

  • freelance writing $30.00
  • product review        $25.00

I’m not sure if the income and/or income reports will continue.  The freelance opportunity I had ended in December and the online review will probably post until after January, therefor will probably not affect or increase my opportunities.

December Side Hustle Income:

I earned $762.55 in side hustle income for December 2015. The break down is below.

  • Doing hair side hustle $480.90
  • Milage reimbursement $127.19
  • Shopping reimbursement apps $84.46
  • Selling items online $15.00
  • Online income:          $55.00

Most all income went towards Christmas.  I was able to apply an extra $25.00 to my AM card.  However if I have another lucrative month in January, the money will be divided amongst extra credit card payments, savings, and out-of-pocket renovations.

ongoing goals:

The thought of continuing to make online income is exciting!  I’d love to continue to grow GDTH, increase traffic, and continue to build my writing portfolio.  My ongoing goals are below.


Of course this ongoing.  Pitching to find freelancing opportunities is very necessary to continue to earn online income.  I’ve already pitched to one client and have not heard anything back as of yet.  My plan is to pitch at least once per week until I hear something back and find the perfect fit.   My problem is I continue to struggle with rejection, not hearing anything at all, or provide feedback.


I’m still not at the point of justifying spending money or paying for assistance or resources to gain income to get out of debt.  I still struggle with the irony of some PF bloggers that tell you to “save money after you pay for my service to earn money.”  However, I do understand the concept of time being money.  As a result, I plan on spending more time blogging and writing more helpful and informative post that have helped me in my journey.


I’m a major introvert which affects my eagerness to socialize even on the internet.  I’ve majorly reduced my social media time after reading an article about being a slave to the phone. I even deleted my FB app on my phone on December 27, 2015 and have not been on FB since nor have I had the desire to.  However, social media is essential in growing an online business and therefore returning would be beneficial.  I’m working on developing time frames or limits for social media interaction and how to optimize my time while on there.

Other GDTH goals include:

  • adding a subscribe widget
  • developing a news letter
  • coordinating a link up or collaboration

Do these income reports help or motivate you?  What are you ongoing blog goals?


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I'm a mother to five children, wife, full time worker and now blogger! I would like share my family's journey to financial freedom, life living, and eternal happiness...just one goal at a time!

19 thoughts on “December Online Income Report”

  1. Congrats on the extra income for December! Please do keep posting these reports. The people who are making thousands of dollars in online income each month all had to start somewhere 🙂 I personally find social media such a time suck but I do it to help my blog and my brand. I am trying to slow down on Facebook myself and limit my time spent on there because most of the time, I’m not doing anything productive. Thanks so much for the mention!
    Chonce recently posted…Budget Reviews, Previews and How I’m Staying on TrackMy Profile

    1. Hello Chonce!
      Thanks. I probably will continue to post them even if I don’t have online income to report. Being able to reference back to them should keep me grounded. I agree that Social media is such a time suck but it’s necessary. No problem on the mention!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Great month:) I think for blogging, all of my goals can nicely be swept under the networking category. I’m finding much better luck on Twitter than fb and (which I already expected from previous blogging experience). However, as far as networking, I’ve joined some fb groups so I want to see how that goes.

    1. Hello Latoya!
      Thanks. I think you did great as well! I’m back on social media for the networking as well but it’s so easy to get sidetracked. For example, I was just on fb in a group page and ended up looking at Disney family tickets. I need to focus more…lol!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I really appreciate these online income reports from a beginner. I don’t post my own since income and giving are the two financial stats that I don’t prefer to report, but believe me when I say its a tough row to hoe when you get started. Soon enough you will earn $1000/month and then even more. Eventually, you may even have to decide between your online work and your day job.

    Best of luck!

    1. Hello Hannah,
      Thanks. I struggled big time with doing so because I’m an introvert and prefer to keep somethings private. However discovering other’s income highly motivated me to continue to take GDTH seriously and work hard to accomplish my overall goal. Unfortunately, continuing to read those extremely high income reports became less motivating and me feeling that I could no longer relate to them as I set their bar way higher than mine. Thanks for the encouragement!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Yea I can’t relate to pf bloggers that make thousands of dollars each month. It’s difficult. A lot of them say, “it’s possible for you too” well it may be possible but it’s difficult to get there. It takes years for top bloggers to get to that level unless they’re very lucky. Thanks for posting your income. I think it’s important for people to see you can start small and it’s all right. What matters is what you do with the money that comes into your life. You don’t need to make $30,000/month to change your life.
    Jaime recently posted…Why I started this blogMy Profile

  5. That’s quite the hustle income! And that’s way more online income than I made at that point in my blogging career. Keep hustling!

    Also, I’ve been thinking about turning off notifications on my phone. Not necessarily deleting apps, but just not getting notified every time a spammer tries to comment on my site or someone likes a tweet I sent. Because I’m not liking my screen time, either.

    1. Hello Femme Frugality!
      I hoping that my side hustle income continues to increase so that I can meet my goal of paying off my credit card and one car loan debt in 2016. Turning off notifications or the volume altogether is a great way to reduce or eliminate the social media distractions.

  6. Unfortunately, social media is a biggie for the blogging world. I finally gave up and joined Pinterest. I make the Facebook thing work by pretty much only using my blog page for the app. Every so often, I’ll check my own feed, but the bookmark in my browser is for the blog. I pretty much only post there, so I don’t lose a ton of hours every day checking in on friends.

    Twitter is more easily a time suck. One option is that you can sync your FB posts to also appear in your Twitter feed. So you can post something in FB and it’ll appear in Twitter. Then just share some other bloggers’ posts that you like on Twitter, and you don’t have to spend too much time on the app itself.

    I have fun with Twitter, so I spend a little more time there. There are a couple of friends I only connect with on there. But to each her own.
    Abigail @ipickuppennies recently posted…Yoda was wrongMy Profile

    1. Hello Abigail!
      Social media should, and probably could be, a day job all in itself. I hate that it’s so vital to the blogging community and is probably why I haven’t gained such a huge following in nearly six months of blogging. I’m glad you enjoy Twitter at least. My favorite is Pinterest. Pinterst, at least, sparks my creativity.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Great job!! I am glad you are publishing this. I think the first four or five reports I published were around this amount and I was so proud of myself. So kudos to you! I hate pitching and it’s something I’m still not into doing.

  8. Whoa! That’s a nice side hustle! I need to learn to do hair. I love the breakdown too. I paid off thousands of dollars in debt the last 2 years with more to do. I’m also an introvert but have promised to network about 2x/month.

    I’ve been hesitant about the pitching but I took the plunge and reached out to a high profile salon I visited about writing for their blog. The owner is looking for a PR person and we’re meeting up soon so I need to do more of that.

    1. Welcome Nia!
      Thanks! I’ve been doing hair since high school and it has been very lucrative for me. I’ve been trying to network and collaborate but sometimes those rejections are even worse than the rejections from pitching. But I’m still going forward. Good Luck with your pitch!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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