I know the title implies that I would be offering tips on how to make quick money, however my goal is to educate on how quickly others make money off of you!

As you know, I’m working on paying off debt.  The best way to allocate money to paying off debt is to budget your income.  The most effective and realistic budgets come from tracking your money to see exactly where  it is spent. 

I started tracking my money yesterday.  See below:

$5.92                              Sonic breakfast because the breakfast I cooked my son ate during the     
$3.00                              I was exhausted so I binged on a mountain dew, snickers bar, and Fritos.

$7.63                              Bo jangles lunch.  My diet and healthy eating regimen officially died here!

$17.03                           Groceries to finish last nights dinner, although we had spent $144.47
                                      at Walmart Sunday on groceries. 

Total $  33.58               

Imagine spending like that daily of even weekly.  $5.00 breakfast and lunch 5 days/week totals $50.00 in addition to if your eating out for dinner for convenience.  Even small items like $2.36 coffees add up to $11.80 weekly or $47.20 monthly!

I’ve been procrastinating on developing a budget because I don’t want to face the reality that I’m living beyond my means.  I already feel that I sacrifice enough just to pay bills (the inner spoiled brat in me) and now I have deprive myself more.  However the bigger picture of living debt free and not HAVING to work makes it much more worth while!

Are you tracking your spending?  How is your budget going?  Is there anything that you absolutely will not live without?

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I'm a mother to five children, wife, full time worker and now blogger! I would like share my family's journey to financial freedom, life living, and eternal happiness...just one goal at a time!

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