I’m living paycheck to paycheck

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I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend!

In addition to being in more than $8,000 of credit card debt, which I discussed here, I also have absolutely no budget, and am living beyond my means. I eat out, more than I should, I make expensive purchases, and have taken out several loans to make ends meet.

Before payday, I write down all my bills and total them up.  At that point I determine if there is money left over.  If there is great!  Most of the time there is NOT.

Afterwards, I go back and determine what bills I can afford (but not really) to pay at a later date.  Usually this is my utility, cable, and cell phone bill (which are also almost NEVER included in the bills that I have calculated).

As for this past pay period, my bills totaled about $1,500.  I got paid about $1,600.  I spent $372.39 on back to school shoes and clothing and now I’ll be pushing my light bill to the end of the month and putting my cell phone and cable bill on a payment plan.  All of which will include late payments fees.

Each month I’m literally robbing Peter to pay Paul and it sucks.  Not to mention, I usually do not have any money left between pay periods.  Thank God for the side hustle that provides a little money on the weekends.

This has definitely been a wake up call.

Things I’m doing to improve my finances

  • I’ll be developing some kind of budget sooner than later.
  • Evaluate the “budget busters” and attempt to lower or eliminate them
  • Incorporate “no spend” days to save additional money
  • Pay bills on time to avoid additional fees
  • Create a different approach to paying bills
  • reduce money spent on eating out, I can’t afford it anyway


What was the wake up call for you?  Do you have a budget?  If so how is it working for you?

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I'm a mother to five children, wife, full time worker and now blogger! I would like share my family's journey to financial freedom, life living, and eternal happiness...just one goal at a time!

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