How I save $1000/year and lots of time
Even before I decided I would be retiring in 12 years from 2016, I had began researching ways to save money to be able to enjoy life!  After tons of research, from reading blogs and polling people, I joined the “cable cutting” bandwagon.
My cable bundle which included, a cable premium package, telephone, “high speed” internet, and home security ran me about $197.52/month which would include a late fee charge most times every month!  I know ridiculous isn’t it?

On top of the $197.52/month I was already paying, my cable company was going all digital and requiring that subscribers rent digital boxes for each television at the price of  $2.50/box.  Our home would’ve required 5 totaling an extra $10.00/ month.
I refused.  So I purchased Amazon Fire Sticks for the televisions at $39.00 a piece, totaling $156.00 (less than my 1 month of cable) and got free shipping for being a Amazon Prime member.  Review the Amazon Fire stick here.
 As a result, I had to increase my internet speed but I did eliminate cable and telephone.  I now have the highest speed internet and home security for $123.14/month saving me roughly $74.00/month and a little under $1000/year!
 Within a couple of months, my husband and I have decided to install our own home security system and pay for monitoring, eliminating an additional $60.00/month.
With the extra, we’ve decided to apply to the $3000.00 $1000.00 of debt we would like to eliminate by the end of the year.

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I'm a mother to five children, wife, full time worker and now blogger! I would like share my family's journey to financial freedom, life living, and eternal happiness...just one goal at a time!

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