Debt Free Journey: Year 1

Debt free journey_ year 1

If you are new here, WELCOME.  If you’ve been here before Welcome back and thank you for returning!

August 27, 2016 will make an entire year on my debt free journey and the birth of  Here is my very first blog post!  I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking about what has changed in my life, how I’ve changed, and the good and bad of my journey thus far.  If your wondering how could being on such an empowering journey could have any negatives, sit tight, I plan on sharing.  I’ll also be sharing exactly where I am on my debt free journey and where I plan to be in the future.

Debt Payment Update

Amazon 290.9 PAID
Paypal 29.99% $1,136.65 $866.11 PAID
Bill Me Later 29.99% $1,157.99 $1,092.57 $589.80 $294.00 PAID
Citfinancial 13.64% $1,925.70 $1,948.98 $1,709.10 $1,685.24 $1,659.70 $1,388.95 $647.00 PAID July 31, 2016
Wells Fargo 26.49% $2,562.76 $2,506.96 $2,482.80 $2,455.50 $2,687.35 $2,965.16 $2,939.43 $2,592.72
Total $7,283.90 $6,369.62 $4,771.70 $4,434.74 4,347.05 $4,354.11 $3,586.43 $2,592.72

To see exactly where I started, click here.  I’m down to my very last credit card!  I hope to have this paid off by October 31, 2016 or before, I’m leaning more to the before.  Immediately following the month that I pay off Well Fargo, I plan on applying that month’s debt snowball towards my baby ER fund which is not/has not been funded as of yet.

Future Debt Payments

Once our baby ER fund is funded, we (the mister AND I) plan on tackling transportation debt.  We’d like to have our transportation debt paid by December 2017.  Those debts are as follows:

Motocycle loan:                           $4494.59

Tahoe:                                         $6292.72

Honda 2014:                                $16,649.14

Total                                              $27,436.45

Debt Freedom Journey Positives

1.  More money

This is obvious.  In the last 2 months I’ve been able to include sinking fund accounts into my budget and I’ve had money in between pay periods as opposed to before my journey where I’d go from paycheck to paycheck.

2.  Budget

I’ve been budgeting consistently and it has truly changed my outlook on money.  Developing the mindset of telling my money where to go as opposed to my money telling me, has relieved much of the stress about money that I previously had.  For me, organizing my money has lead to my success thus far.

3.  Organization

Once I began to see the affects of my budget and organizing my money, I began to desire the same organization in other aspects of my life.  Particularly, my home.  I’ve created some great spaces, purged some things, and plan to continue in other aspects like work and parenting.

4.  Confidence

My confidence in myself has increased tremendously as I’ve accomplished task that other’s have criticized and judged.  I now believe that anything is possible as long as I put my mind to it.

Debt Free Journey Negatives

I don’t have a huge list of negatives.  The main negatives are the sacrifices and the criticism.  I’ve had to sacrifice lots of things, mainly time.  Time away on the weekends as I work my part time, that I could be enjoying my family.  Another sacrifice, time related, is family vacations.  For the last two summers, my family hasn’t been on a vacation and that has sucked!

The criticism, bothered me a lot when I first started but I was able to deal with it once I realized how common it is.  I wrote a guest post about some of the criticism I received on My Debt Epiphany.  Most of that still holds true today.

I still have not determined exactly when I plan to be completely debt free because I continue to be on the fence about paying off my student loans while on the Human Service Loan Forgiveness Payment Plan.  I also continue to go back and forth about early retirement or working until retirement (I’ll talk more about that later).

I continue to seek out additionally ways to earn a passive income.  I’m currently considering an income property and I’ve also started a Youtube channel.  I’m just as inconsistent there as I am here.  I plan on improving that.  My youtube channel will focus more on my debt free journey AND my family life.  Finally, has it’s own Instagram page, Please follow me!

How has your journey been? How much more debt do you have?

2016 Goal Review and Debt Update

2016 Goal Review


First I’d like to apologize for the inconsistency here at GDTH.  Due to unfortunate circumstances at work, I’ve been extremely busy, like earning 75 hours a week busy, which has made it extremely hard to find time, energy, and motivation to write.  I understand that constancy is important for blog success and I’m working really hard to get back to a routine and am even considering outsourcing and guest post.  If you’d like to submit please let me know here.

June 30, 2016 marked the first half of the year as well as the end of the second quarter.  Since we are already half way through the year, I thought it would be a great time to evaluate my progress on my yearly goals and reevaluate any goals that are no longer relevant, may take longer than expected, or need revising.  Below are the goals I made at the end of the 2015 year for 2016 and the progress made thus far.

2016 Goals

  •  Fully finance our home improvement  FAIL (actually revised) This has been placed on the back burner.  This post explains more.  
  • Establish and build an emergency fund IN PROGRESS This is still in progress but will be completed by December 2016.  
  • Stop using all credit cards and be out of credit card debt by December 2016- SUCESS I’ve stopped using the cards and am on target to have the last two paid off by September 30!
  •  Earn or exceed $1,000 blogging income by December 2016  FAIL I completely lost focus with GDTH, which is so unfortunate because I probably could’ve been making more money from it by now and could’ve potentially met this goal.  Check out my previous Blog Income Reports below.  
  • Lose 10-15 pounds- FAIL
  • Generate or exceed $5,000 in side hustle money IN PROGRESS Thus far I’ve made about $3,000 and unless I lose my PT, I should exceed this amount!
  • Increase my income my 10% SUCESS I recently got a raise and the combination of the raise and my PT income should place me at the 10% increase I need to excel my debt pay off.  
  • Increase my financial knowledge IN PROGRESS Initially, my goal was to read a book a month.  I read one in January, none from February to April, and then 3 in May. Nothing since.  
  • Self improve ONGOING
  • Eliminate overpayment loan SUCESS This was paid in full in April!


December Side Hustle Income

November Side Hustle Income

We decided to revise our debt repayment plan.  I will be at the point in August that I can apply ALL my part time income to my debt which should successfully have my final credit cards eliminated by September 30, 2016 or before.  Beginning November 2016, the mister and I plan to both tackle all vehicle debt with the goal to have all paid by December 2017!  Afterwards that will leave my student loans, which I’m still on the fence about actively paying to eliminate while on the loan forgiveness program.

Since we’ve decided to work on eliminating the auto loan debt by December 2017, we’ve decided to DIY as much of the home addition as we can possibly do while saving for a contractor with goals to have it completely funded by December 2018.  However, those plans may change drastically.  My baby boy desperately needs his own room, and I can only imagine the peace we would get with the teens upstairs on their own level.

Debt Repayment Progress

Jan Feb March April May June July
AC 290.9 PAID
PP $1,136.65 $866.11 PAID
BML $1,157.99 $1,092.57 $589.80 $294.00 PAID
CF $1,925.70 $1,948.98 $1,709.10 $1,685.24 $1,659.70 $1,388.95 $900.00
WF $2,562.76 $2,506.96 $2,482.80 $2,455.50 $2,687.35 $2,965.16 $2,873.16
Total $7,283.90 $6,369.62 $4,771.70 $4,434.74 4,347.05 $4,354.11 $3,773.16

Here is the previous debt repayment update posted.

I’m super excited about being close to having my credit card debt eliminated and having that HUGE burden off my shoulders!

How have your 2016 goals been going thus far?




I’m bringing another DIY!  You can my May DIY here.  I’ve taken on a new interest in creating great spaces in my home as well as updating my home on a budget of course.  To stay within that budget, I’ve taken a liking to DIY’ing and have had some great results in doing so, in my own opinion.

Doing it myself is not something that comes naturally, however being creative is.  The patience and time it can take to complete one task can become a little overwhelming especially in a time where most everything is instant.  I began my DIY’ing with small task, in baby steps, beginning with one project/room at a time.  This helps to stay within my budget as well as evaluate my next steps and avoid the overwhelming feelings and cost that can come from taking on huge projects.


For June’s DIY, I reupholstered a chair to create a reading/sitting space in my bedroom.  Creating a reading space in my bedroom was part of the bigger picture project of updating my bedroom which I’ll discuss in a later post.


I purchased this chair from the Habitat for Humanity Store for $15.00! In selecting this chair, I looked for a chair that was fairly simple to disassemble, made of real wood (easy for staining), had a good cushioning (replacing cushion can be costly) and was cumfortable. This chair met all those requirements!


I then disassembled the chair. To disassemble I simply unscrewed all the screws under the seat and the seat came right out.  As for the head/back rest, I had to pop out the wood circular fillers and then unscrew.

Once taken apart, I sanded the chair to get the brown wood stain off.  If I was going to paint the chair, sanding wouldn’t have been necessary but I wanted an Ebony stain to match our bedroom furniture.

Following the sanding, I stained the chair with two coats of Ebony stain which cost about $10.00 for the brush and stain.

While I allowed the stain to dry overnight, I selected the pattern for the reupholster and reupholstered the seat and back rest.  The fabric for the reupholster was purchased from Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon which made 1 yard plus $8.37.  In addition I purchased some fabric flowers for $7.99.


Once the stain dried, I put the chair back together and placed the chair beside my window because I love natural lighting, and wanted to create a good working, reading, sitting space in my room.


In addition to the chair, I added a side table I had gotten from Habitat for Humanity about 3 years ago that was sitting in my attic.  I originally purchased the side table for $10.00 which is faux wood panelling and had a dated wood stain.  I spray painted the table black.  I also added a $.49 basket and $.99 glass vase from the Salvation Army.  The mirror was laying around the house so I added it behind the table to make the room appear larger.

I’ve loved the space since creating it!  I’ve sat in this space while blogging and also sit in this space and have my morning coffee.  Collectively, this space cost me less than $50.00! My master bedroom upgrade is now totaling less than $70.00 which include the fan from May’s DIY!

Have my DIY’s been helpful?  Would you like to see videos?  Do you have a DIY or would like to begin DIY project, if so please share?


5 Task I Complete at the Beginning of Every Month.

5 Things I complete at the beginning of every month.

July is just 8 days away, along with nearly half of the summer.  Although I hate to see the months pass by, I always get a fresh feeling at the beginning of the month.  If you read this post then you are aware that I like to plan as far ahead as possible so it should come as no surprise that there are certain task that I like to complete by the first of every month.  Honestly,  I usually start planing the next month about the second week of the previous month.   However, several of the below task can not be completed until the beginning of each month.

5 Task I Complete at the beginning of Every Month

Track and total my income

I have a Google Docs spreadsheet that I write down and track all of my income.  This includes income from my full time job, my part time job, doing hair, GDTH, selling items, milage, and any “gifts” that  I may receive for the month.  This is important for me because I would like to know how to better plan for the following year.  Tracking my income also allows me to hold myself better accountable with my debt elimination and savings goals.

track and total my debt payment progress

Tracking my debt payments is a major motivator for me.  To see the numbers continue to decrease and think about the additional money that I will soon have gets me more excited about the future!  If you are not tracking you debt totals, I encourage you to do so!

Check and update my calendar

Checking and updating my calendar is not necessarily money or debt related.  However, it’s as equally important since I have multiple employment responsibilities and a large family.  I make sure to write down appointments, extra circular activities, deadlines, payments, tune ups, even when I need to cancel a free subscription to avoid charges!

Set goals

Setting monthly goals for the month is one of those task that are already completed by the second week of the previous month.  I’m always looking and researching ideas for self improvement which I incorporate into monthly goals. I usually set one finance goal, a personal goal, a fitness/health goal, and a self improvement goal.  With so many goals, I NEED to write them down constantly.

Plan ahead

I’ve said before how important it is for me to plan ahead which is why this task kind of goes along with updating my calendar.  Planning ahead is imperative to ensure that I avoid crisis moments, stress, over scheduling, as well as ensure that life runs as smooth as possible with multiple roles.  Most times, “planning ahead” is done way before the month but at the beginning of month point, I’m making final arrangments and tweaking. The one thing I do plan ahead on a month to month basis are meals.  Meal planning is very helpful.  Meal planning keeps money in my pocket as well as ensures that I’m making healthier choices. I also like to plan blog post and my budget as far ahead as possible.


Do you have “First of the month routine?” Please share!



10 Helpful Tips for Parents with Side Hustles

tape edges

In my thirty three years of life, I’ve already worked half of it, beginning at 15 and most of that time, I’ve had more than one job or more than one stream of income.  I’ve also been a parent since 17 so, in my opinion the dual responsibilities  have gone hand in hand for so long that I think I have balancing the two down packed.

Although there are some times, that I feel stretched way too thin, which I discussed a little here and here, for the most part I do pretty well managing the multiple responsibilities of multiple roles.  Since I consider myself an expert side hustling parent, I’ve decided to share my tips with other parents who may want to begin a side hustle or are currently doing a side hustle and are feeling discouraged and overwhelmed.

My Helpful Tips for Parents who Side Hustle

  1. Determine what you can do, how to do it, and when and stick to that.

When considering a side hustle, obviously you want to do something that you can do or have passion doing and do well.  If you have that figured out, next it’s important to determine how much your willing to work and sticking to that.  It’s easy to lose yourself once you realize the earning potential.

Write everything down.

With so many responsibilites, schedules, meetings, and additional activities it’s important to write everything down possible.  I’m most creative in the morning (usually in the shower) and once out the shower, I write down all my daily plans, and blog topics, any connections or emails I need to make/send and even meal ideas.  I try to sync all important meetings into my phone so that I’m alerted prior too.

Plan as far ahead as possible

Planning as far ahead as possible is as equally important.  Planning ahead helps to release some of the stress that can come from the demand of pleasing or being available to multiple people.  Also planning ahead, in my opinion prevents the chaos that can come from having multiple responsibilities.  Some things I like to plan ahead are blog post, meals, appointments, activities, trips, and minor events.

Set goals

It’s important to determine why you want to side hustle and set goals to reach while doing so.  Otherwise you may begin to feel empty or feel that your working hard for nothing.  Before I set a goal to eliminate all my credit card debt, I was literally working part time and spending my money.  At the end of the month, I couldn’t remember where my money had gone. Afterwards, I set a goal to contribute at least half of the previous months earnings towards debt, place a fourth in savings and keep the other fourth.  When I felt burnt out, I had something to reflect on to bring back the motivation.

Celebrate accomplishments.

To go along with the previous tip of setting goals, celebrate once you’ve accomplished them.  I’ve successfully paid off six of my eight credit cards from side hustling this year and once the other two are completely paid off I plan on celebrating.  Also once I paid off cards with a thousand dollar limit or more, by or before my goal date, I placed the payment amount in my savings to celebrate!  I also treated myself to a new book and DIY materials.

Make time for yourself.

As previously stated, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of parenting, adulting, and side hustling especially if the money is good.  To maintain the stress of all the above, I like to make time for myself.  I recently made a “space” for myself where I can enjoy reading books or my morning coffee or gather my thoughts.  I’ve decided to do this daily. I also attempt to walk at least three times per week for an hour and have “no obligation” time on Sunday.


Develop a support system

I would not be able to do all the things I do, if it wasn’t for my support system.  It’s important, especially as a parent, to have those people in place to help support you and the children when you’re unavailable.  My current support system consist of my mom is always willing to fill in where I’m supposed to be but unable, my husband for ongoing encouragement, and my friends for emotional support when I really just want to quit and live mediocre.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If your side hustle happens to be your passion or part time job for someone else, you may still have questions or experience feelings of defeat or overwhelm at times.  If this happens, do not be afraid to ask for help.  Obviously this blog is a side hustle for me, as well as a place to demonstrate my creativity, but wordpress and plug ins confuse.  I’ve been able to reach out to other bloggers and members of Facebook groups to ask for help with various questions.  I’ll also ask my support team for help when needed.  You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help because they believe in you and do not want you to fail!

Know your worth

About three months after I began blogging I began making money writing blog post for bigger blogs.  For one blog I was paid $15.00 per blog post and the other $20.00.  Three months into blogging, my purpose for writing was to get exposure and be able to build a portfolio in addition to GDTH for future options.  However, I think it’s important to know your worth, set a price, and stick with it.  The quality and time that went into those 1000 plus blog post, in my opinion was worth much more than $20.00, but the exposure was valuable as well.  Once you’ve determined your worth, then determine if you’re willing to barter for something else or not.

Be confident

Side hustling can definitely take a toll on you over time.  There will be moments of defeat, overwhelm, and burnout.  There is will also be times that you question yourself.  Which is why it’s important to be confident in yourself and you ability.


Did I miss any tips?  If so add them in the comments below!


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Hello GDTH followers!

I’m back At least I’m trying to be.  I think I came to a point were I realized that I bit of more than I could chew with all the hustling I had going on.  As a result my focus become more about the most lucrative hustles and less about GDTH.  However, I’ve discovered my balance and hopefully I an return to a normal routine and consistency.  In addition to being stretched way too thin, I also lost my writing motivation, as I had pretty much been successful eliminating my credit card debt, I know longer had interest in writing about it.  Hence my most recent post that have less to do with money and more about other aspects of my life.

Now more about this post!  I’ve realized that my creativity extends beyond writing and doing hair.  I’ve also noticed that when my motivation or inspiration diminishes in those areas it begins to BURST in others!  In addition to discovering my creativity in other areas, I’ve also decided that I wanted to create a home that has more of my family’s touch on it as well as functional spaces that we can enjoy.  I mean why not, its this home that is consuming most of my paycheck!  With that being said, I’ve started on my quest to create those spaces, beginning with our bedroom ( which I’ll share one complete) and decided to upscale some of the items we already had instead of purchasing newer ones.

One of those items was our ceiling fan! The mister and I originally picked a fan from Lowes.

Lowes fan

 This fan from was priced at $134.00.  Although, we could afford it why not save $100 plus dollars and update my fan myself?  Which is exactly what I did.


First I removed the fan and disassembled it.  I then cleaned it.  After I cleaned all the pieces (which were caked with dust)  I let them dry in the sun for about 30 minutes.

spray painting over goal piece taking fan down-2

Afterwards, I spray painted the metal pieces with Rustoleum, metallic spray paint in Soft Nickel. I applied about three coats letting them dry outside about 30 minutes a piece before applying the additional coats.

more spray paint spray painting IMG_1684

Once completely dry, I reassembled the fan!  I also purchased updated light covers to match the new more modern look.  The task all day from taking it down to putting it back up, but was totally worth it!


For my first DIY what do you think?  Is your creativity reflected in other ways?  Would you like to continue to see GDTH DIYs showing how I’m saving money redecorating my home?

5 Reasons you should unplug NOW!


It is happened before, maybe more than once, and maybe more than once in a day.  You hop on social media with the intentions of sending a direct message or inbox message to one person.  You scroll your timeline first.  You then notice your old college room -mate got married, your ex has a new boo, and your mom has joined facebook.  Then you spend another “while” searching through all the recent pictures of each individual to see “how did I miss this” and then begin to piece their life together to make sense to you.  Now it’s been nearly an hour and a half and you still have not sent the direct message.

Okay, now you search the person to send the message, but wait, you have to check your own messages.  Another hour or two reading and responding to messages.  This is just one social media site.  You are also on three-five others. With all the various social media platforms, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and new ones developing quickly it’s no wonder the average person spends a ridiculous amount of time on social media.  That may be just for leisure.  What if you are a developing brand and social media is key to marketing that brand?

Despite your intentions for social media, there needs to be time when you unplug from the computer and phone and refocus your attention.  With summer around the corner, NOW would be a great time!  If you can not at all imagine when those times to unplug from social media may be, I’ve listed just five below.

Five Reasons You Should Unplug

  1. You have work to do.

Whether you work from home or in an office, or not at all there is still work to be done. There are work related task, or home related task, that need to be completed and Social media should be avoided completely to eliminate the distractions until the tasks or assignments are completed.  Because of the huge distraction social media can become, I usually avoid it the entire work day.

  1.  Special someone(s) are requesting your attention or time.

It may be your children, spouse or significant other, or maybe just your pets that are nagging to “come do this with me” or “watch me” or just place their heads in your lap.  All the above should be considered as a plea for your time or attention from social media.  If that is the case, close your computer and turn your phone off and give them that time and attention.

tape edges

  1.  It’s too time time consuming.

If you begin to run into situations similar to the introduction, spending hours on what should have been a 10 minute task then maybe it’s time to unplug altogether or limit your time.  Consider setting time limits for each site or writing a to do list on what needs to be accomplished on each site, if more than one.

  1.  Social Media has become overwhelming.

With new platforms developing quickly, in addition to platforms you are already on, and the time suck that comes along with each site, social media can become overwhelming.  It can begin to feel like a job in itself trying to build and increase a following, market your brand, or remain relevant.  If the task and time associated with social media become overwhelming, then you should again unplug from social media, making a point to disconnect from it all and refocus your energy and relax. You can always com back to it.

  1.  It’s time to unwind.

I’m a big advocate of sleep.  For me, sleep is essential and in order for me to sleep well I need to unwind and calm my mind before even beginning the sleep process.  Unplugging from social media and the internet is essential for unwinding and relaxing my mind to calm.  For me this means, turning off my computer and television and silencing my phone so that I’m not at all tempted to engage.

Above are only five reasons you should consider unplugging from social media, but I’m sure there are more.  The reasons above may apply, or not, depending on your lifestyle, your goals, and how and what social media is used for by you. It’s up to you to determine what “unplugging” means to you.  Unplug can mean leave and come back later or only accessing on certain days or times, or not at all.  However you decide to unplug, creating a balance is key.  If the above reason are completely irrelevant to you and your situation, below are some additional reasons to consider unplugging from the internet.

Additional reasons to unplug

  • You are exceeding your cell phone data plan.
  • Family and friends are complaining.
  • You are over extended.
  • Your timeline never really updates.
  • You have way too much knowledge of everyone else’s life.
  • You compare your life to those on social media and feel inadequate or like a failure.

On average, how much time to do you spend on social media?  How do you feel about it? 

3 Incredible Ways I’ve Made Money from Home!

This article may contain affiliate links.

In a world where money talks, my personal finances are always under scrutiny. Things cost a lot of cash these days, and I need to be able to afford it. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen short often which resulted in me being in serious debt.  In attempts to get out of debt, make more money or both, I researched reading other blogs, watching Youtube videos, and reading to find ways to make money at home and even attempted these three below.

Freelance Writing

If like me, you love writing, then it pays to become a freelance writer. It’s great when you have a passion, and it’s even better when you can make money from it. Only after about three months I was able to make a small profit from freelance writing using GDTH as my platform.  There are also lots of other sites where you can create an account and look for freelance work, however I’ve heard good and bad things about those sites.  This will let you show off your writing skills and increase your chances of getting work. The great thing about freelance writing is that it can be part-time or full-time. Depending on your current schedule, you can either make this your proper job, or just something on the side. At this time, it’s more like no time for me because I haven’t earned a dime in about three months.  

February Side Hustle Report

Online Trading

When you hear the word trading, you tend to think of the stock exchange and businessmen running around frantically. And, yes, that is what happens in the trading world on a daily basis. But, it’s something that has become more convenient and available to the general public too. These days, you can trade from home using online brokers and apps. There are lots of broker reviews where websites give their explanation on how everything works. So, to save time, I’ll only give you the basics. You find an online broker, deposit some money, and start trading. There are loads of things you can trade; stocks, forex, even things like gas and corn. The aim is simple, you buy low and sell high. If you know some tricks of the trade, then you can make a lot of money. So much so that people are trading from home as their full-time job! Unfortunately, this isn’t me.  I’ve attempted it one time and made a $0.05 profit and never looked back. I’m not sure I completely understand the concept, or like the others, you have to have time to get up to the big cash.  


Finally, I tried Youtube.  I’ve told you before that I have a channel and about 80 subscribers.  If you’re looking for a fun way to make money from home, then turn your attention to YouTube. This video sharing site has become a top way for people to make money. There is a variety of content creators whose full-time job is making videos for YouTube. Because of the ad revenue system, you can make a hell of a lot of money on this site. The hardest part is getting started and gaining a subscriber base. Once you’ve got lots of subscribers, you can monetize your videos. The more people that watch them, the more money you get. It’s an excellent idea if you’re comfortable behind the camera, have interesting ideas, and can remain consistent!

Of the three listed above, I enjoyed Youtube the most and about once a year I receive an adsense pay out.  If I had more time and less responsibility, I could definitely see myself doing it.  Who knows I may even start back up sooner rather than later!

What things other than blogging have you attempted to keep “your money up”?

Life Is A B!*CH!


Are there any GDTH followers still visiting to see what is going on with me.  Well I’ve just been flying high, enjoying life much less in debt!   I’ve felt free as a bird just flying enjoying life.  I’ve been to the beach, I’ve visited NY, I’ve enjoyed eating at a restaurant recently, I’ve purchased some spring clothing at great discounts and I’ve had at least two Saturdays a month to declutter my home and spring clean.  Lifes been great!  UNTIL NOW!!!

Before last week I was a bird flying through life dodging debri, planes, or whatever else makes birds fall out of the sky.  But today, I was smack dab knocked clear out of the sky!  Let’s discuss why.


Two Wednesdays ago, I treated my lovely school aged children to Zaxby’s for great report cards (so proud of those children and their smarts).  While eating, I turn to my 16 yo and we have this conversation…

Me:  “Are you going to the prom?”

Her:  “No, I think it’s pointless to spend all that money on a dress to wear for a few hours, when it’s my senior year that really matters.”

Me:  “True.  Are you sure because I need to know.”

Her:  “Yup”

Me: “Okay.”  I then begin to mentally distribute my pay check and decide to pay $400.00 on a credit card to have it paid by April 30, 2016!  So guess what happens on the following Saturday?  She decides she’s going to PROM!  Guess when prom is?  IT was last saturday.  We had a week to get ready!


Luckily my village of support I have, stepped in and helped out tremendously and BG should be well on her way to enjoying her junior prom.


So I received a speeding ticket back in October 2015.  I’ve continued it twice already and had planned on making the final payment to the attorney so that he could go ahead and get it over with by June.  I appear in court yesterday 4/21/2016 and my name is NOT called.  Knowing that it is too good to be true I go to the clerk and I’m informed that my actual court date was 4/20/2016!  I now have what is called a “failed to call.”  As a result, I have to dish out an ADDITIONAL $100.00 to have my attorney place my name back on the calendar, totaling $475.00 just for speeding.

I plan on taking that receipt and placing it near my dash board as a reminder of the cost of speeding and it’s affect on my debt free journey!


This past weekend, baby girl was out playing basketball with the neighborhood kids and came home with an injured middle finger.  Now, we have insurance but the fee’s added up fairly quick.  See below:

copay               $30.00

x-rays              $45.00

meds                 $15.00

specialist           $60.00

TOTAL               $150.00

As if the above incurred expenses are not enough, my big boy’s birthday was 4/22.  He’s turned 10!  He forfeited a party in exchange for a phone.  Since I knew his birthday was coming, I was prepared but these other expenses have limited the celebrations we will have!

The lesson I’ve learned from all of this, this week is to always be prepared even for the unpreparable.  In other words, having a savings that I can borrow from would be very helpful.  Even better than that, having the funds available so that I won’t touch the savings would be great and is something that is possible once my debt is GONE.

Although I’m well aware the ish happens, I’ve been so focused on eliminating debt, that I think I placed everything second, and now it’s pushing it’s way to the number one spot.  It bothers me because I have such a small balance left that I hate to have to take it into another month.

BTW.  Big Girls Prom 2016 turned out wonderful!

















Has anything similar ever happened to you?  How did you handle the burden?

P.S.  I’m the guest blogger at My Debt Epiphany!  Check me out!

All sorts of Updates!

ALL sorts of UPDATES

It’s been nearly a month since I last posted anything.  Life happened and GDTH took the biggest hit.  Please don’t take it personal, although I’d understand if you did.  It wasn’t just GDTH, I stopped being active on just about ALL social media, and I got kicked out of an accountability group for poor attendance.  Let me explain.

Work, work, work, work!

You guys all know (or should) that I’m a Social worker in Child Protective Services and around this year, once it gets warm and summer break is getting near, the amount of reports received nearly doubles and we are ALWAYS on the go and working later. As a result, less time in the evenings and little down time at work to write anything.

New Pet

My husband purchased another pit bull, Willow, and she has been keeping me as busy as a real baby.  Trying to get her trained so that she can stay in the house has been time consuming and challenging and I’m about ready to give up and send her outside.  Any tips on that?


Aside from the increased work responsibilities, I’ve taken on another side hustle.  I provide Clinical Social Work services (therapy) in the evenings and weekends.  I’m able to make what I would make in a month in cosmetology in one Saturday if I worked 8 hours.  The increase in money with less hours has me much more confident that I can meet my debt elimination goals sooner.


I’ve been on my debt free journey for nearly 8 month now, with my primary focus being my credit card debt.  I’ve been really focused on eliminating credit card so that I can move onto to eliminating my car debt sooner rather than later, since selling either of the cars is not an option at this time.  My husband says I have “tunnel vision” to get out of debt, and I’d like to agree.

Since starting my journey, I’ve eliminated 5 of 8 credit cards alone and plan to eliminate one more once I receive my income tax refund, leaving me with two major credit cards which I plan to have paid of by the end of summer and a store credit balance that has been paid by half.  So, on average I’ve been able to eliminate a credit card a month!  I think that is great!

Card December Jan 2016 Feb 2016 Mar 2016 April 2016
AM $660.08 $209.90 PAID PAID
PP $1136.65 $1073.98 $993.46 PAID
BML $1157.99 $1134.29 $1092.57 $898.00
WF $2562.76 $2537.01 $2506.96 $1709.10
CF $1925.70 $1972.61


$1948.98 $2482.80

TOTAL  $7443.18      $6,878.79    $6,541.97        $4971.70

I’ve been able to pay nearly $1000 on additional credit card payments and I get even more excited when I think about being able to save that money once all the cards have been paid.


Finally, motivation continues to diminish to continue with GDTH.  Actually I’m not sure if I’ve lost motivation or if I’m bored with my own content.  I actually spent what little time I did have searching on Pinterest about motivation, writing prompts, and reading other post but I got nothing.  However, I do notice that when the warm weather arrives, my work ethic changes decreases.  For some reason I begin to feel like all I’m supposed to do it travel, workout, and eat what I want.  As a result anything work related gets the least effort possible.  Any tips for that?  Any one relating?


For those that have continued to visit GDTH I appreciate you! I promise this won’t happen (without notice again).  Also shout out to Jaime who even sent me a FB message!

ALL helpful information is welcomed!